Sweet Filled “Pinata” Cake


So, here it is, my first offering of cakey goodness!

I needed to make a cake for a nine year old boy to take to a family party. I wanted to make something impressive as all his friends would be there and I wanted him to feel important!

I’ve loved the idea of a cake filled with sweeties since my brother sent me a picture he found of one. This was my chance to create this monstrosity! I searched for a few ideas and recipes for these so-called piñata cakes online and read a few to get an idea of how to go about such an impressive cake (and hopefully make it all a bit easier).

And here’s how it went…..

I made four cakes using my favourite Victoria Sandwich recipe (doubled of course). I recommend doing it twice over rather than trying to bake four cakes in the oven all at once otherwise you could end up with uneven bakes etc. so I would just make the second mix whilst the first lot are in the oven.

When the cakes had cooled I cut a hole out of two of the cakes by putting them one on top of the other as I did so to make sure both holes were the same size. So this left me with two full cakes and two with holes in the middle like this:


You won’t need the middle bits so you can have these as a little baker’s treat or make a mini cake for someone with them…whatever you fancy! The important thing is to not make the holes too big or the cake won’t be able to hold together…mine were slightly bigger than a standard drinking glass.

Now we have the cakes, next we need the buttercream! Make sure its quite firm because this is a big cake and this will be holding it together. Once you have made some buttercream, feel free to colour it however you wish. I went for yellow and blue to go with the theme of my cake.

Spread a little buttercream on the cake board in order to help the cake stick and prevent slipping disasters when transporting!!

On top of this goes the first hole-less cake. Buttercream should then be spread in a strip around the edge of the top of this cake in order to layer a holey cake on top. I made a mistake here as I spread the top of the whole cake with icing meaning that the sweets stuck to the buttercream at the bottom. So avoid the middle bit of the cake as the sweets should spill out better this way!

Then top this cake with another layer of buttercream:

And add the second cake with the hole in it on top of this:

Now here comes the fun part…the sweets! I used a good mixture. The important thing to remember is that you don’t want anything to sticky or easily melted because that will make cutting the cake a difficulty! So things with hard shells are quite good as the will slip around each other. I went for a mix of M&MS, Smarties, Maoam pinballs, jelly beans and skittles. So both chocolate and sweets were covered for fussy kids! I mixed them all up in a bowl:

Yum!! So then all of that went into the middle of the cake…and yes, I managed to pack it all in! I do think its better to get as many sweets in as you can because it should create a better “spill out” when the cake is cut. However, the left over sweets are all yours…I ate them as I worked on the rest of the cake even though it was about ten in the morning!

So make sure the sweets are pretty much level with the top of the cake although a tiny bit proud is fine because the next step is to buttercream the cake! Make sure you only spread it on top of the cake and not the sweets. Like this:

Then on goes the top layer:

So now we have a lovely tall cake which no one would know was full of sweets! Great!!

Decoration is up to you really. The boy I was making the cake for is a huge F1 fan and his favourite team is Red Bull so naturally I decided to have a go at a Red Bull logo. But honestly If you just wanted to cover it in plain icing that would look great too. I always put a thin layer of buttercream over the cake before I add fondant icing, making sure the two colours match!

Once I’d covered it in buttercream I then rolled out a LOT of fondant icing and smoothed that on top. Then came the logo…I printed lots of pictures of the logo out until I got one that was the right size for the cake. I cut around the whole thing so that I had a template. I laid that on top of some yellow fondant icing and used a sharp knife to cut the shape out. I then cut the bulls out of the paper and did the same but with red icing and laid this on top of the yellow. Once it was added to the cake it looked like this:

A bit messy but it did the trick. The brand of fondant I used was not the normal one I go for and it was just awful to work with. If I remember the name of it I will definitely let you all know on here because I really do not recommend that anyone buys it for anything like this! So this made the whole thing more challenging and ended up having to hide holes with strips of red and yellow icing which I didn’t really want to do. Oh well. Here’s how the finished (and quite messy) product looked:

But I supposed the bit everybody wants to see is when it was cut open. I was and still am pretty happy with the results!!

The kids were amazed, as were the adults! An all round hit in my opinion, although one slice is definitely enough for more than one person!!

I hope this has inspired you to have a go and I’d love to see your results!

Happy Baking