Two Top Tips

Happy Friday everyone!

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not posting on here very often…it’s due partly to pouring a jug of water on my laptop (told you I  was clumsy!) and also partly to the fact that we are moving house which, as we all know, takes up a lot of time. I have had time between the packing to do some baking and I have a new recipe coming soon I promise. Also, the good news is that the new house has a nicer, bigger kitchen with a better oven…this can only mean good things! Anyway, let’s get to the point.

So the weather is turning colder and that means more time inside baking for a lot of us! So I thought I’d post a couple of handy tips to help you during your autumn bakes.

The first is this:

Honestly, I don’t understand why every baker doesn’t have this as a complete essential. I don’t know about you, but I am hopeless at lining tins and whenever I really have to I tend to just end up shoving the baking paper in any how and just living with a wonky edged cake! And as for greasing with butter….I always miss a bit!

However, this is all solved with cake release spray. A generous spray of the stuff all over your tin and Bob’s your Uncle!! It makes no difference to the bake and your cake will turn out beautifully easily at the end.

I’ve tried a couple but the one from Dr. Oetker is my favourite so far. It is in the uniform Dr. Oetker colours of yellow and red so its easy to spot! I can always find it in Sainbury’s but I’m yet to spot it in and Tesco’s. To be certain to come across it perhaps your local baking supplies shop is your best bet.

I do think this is one of those products where the more expensive it is, the better the results. I bought a cheaper one and it wasn’t as goo as it all ran to the bottom of the tin. But in the long run I’d say it’s cheaper and certainly much easier than the reams of baking paper you’d use!

My second tip is one you may not use as much but is still useful to know:

You may have the odd recipe come up that uses Glycerine. Many people, especially a less experienced baker, will of course go straight to the home baking section of the supermarket to find this to use in their cake, I know I did at first! However, I recommend you take a trip to the healthcare aisle or the pharmacy. Instead of the teeny tiny bottle of glycerine you will get in the baking section for upwards of £2 you can get a whole medicine bottle of it for the same price, if not cheaper! It will be near the cough mixtures and sore throat remedies – if you can’t find it then ask because most places that sell that sort of this have it.  Follow my advice and you will have a big reserve of glycerine always at the ready, its less easy to lose and will last much longer.

Both money and time saving tips – hope they help your pocket and increase your baking joy even just a little!

Oh, and keep an eye on here for the next couple of days if you love a Jaffa Cake or two!

Kate 🙂