Review: Gifts from the Kitchen by Annie Rigg

Here we go; first book review.

I have chosen Gifts from the Kitchen by Annie Rigg because, not only is it a great book full of fab recipes but, Christmas will be upon us soon so this can be a really useful tool for you in the coming weeks!

I got this book a couple of years ago when I decided that it would be nice to bake some of my Christmas presents instead of just going to the shops. It turned out to be a resounding success and all my Christmas presents are made or baked by me now. This book is used lots every year and not just at Christmas time!

The book is really well written with a lovely introduction and great little anecdotes and tips and the beginning of each recipe. They all also end with how to store what you’ve made and how long it will last for which is really handy if you’re giving them away because you can simply copy it onto the label.

There are handy little sections (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Celebrations) so that you can quite easily search for a seasonal recipe. Also, at the back of the book there is a double page spread entitled “Recipes for Occasions” which categorises the recipes under occasions which they might be suitable for, such as, Mother’s Day, Housewarming and Christmas. So, as you can tell, the book is very easy to navigate which is really helpful if you are looking for something specific.

There are recipes for a really wide variety of things in this book; Jellies, Chutneys, biscuits, cakes, sweets and more. If you are looking to make all your presents then there really is something for everyone.

I have tried a good majority of the recipes from this book and can safely say I have not had any failures (or rather, the failures were my fault and not to do with the recipes themselves!) So, I can really recommend it. Whether you are making gifts for any occasion or you’re just looking to expand your collection of books, then this is a really great buy. It is beautifully presented with gorgeous pictures to go with nearly every recipe, including packaging ideas.

My favourite picks are

-Spiced Cranberry Jelly (a Christmas staple now)
-Candied Citrus Peels
-Chocolate Truffles
-Macarons (the most fail-safe recipe I’ve come across for them)

I had to shorten that list…I’d written most of the recipes in the book down! So, buy this book and stock up on jars and boxes because Christmas and Birthdays will never be the same again! Let me know if you do and if you fall in love with it too.

Happy Baking