Review – Christmas Morning Muffins

Things aren’t so easy for Nigella right now are they? The news is plastered with all the gossip from the court case surrounding her. So, I thought I’d spread a bit of Nigella cheer today and remind everyone that she really is a great cook and baker no matter what she does or doesn’t do in her spare time.

My review today is for Nigella’s Christmas Morning Muffins, the recipe for which can be found here:

Now, I’m not convinced that these should be saved for Christmas morning – eating them but once a year would be such a shame! The thing is they seem to keep fresh for quite a few days so they are perfect for making the day before you want to take a little treat somewhere. Although, of course, like most things they are best eaten they day you’ve made them.

I made these and took them to a photo shoot I was modelling in and actually forgot to take them out of the bag and tin they were in on the first day and so no one ended up eating any until two days after they were made and they were still great! I was amazed – I was expecting them to be dry and chewy but they were still great tasting and I got lots of lovely comments about them.

What is great about this recipe is that it’s so easy, I’m not sure you could go far wrong on this one. The recipe is well-written and Nigella even gives you some tips if you are making these for Christmas morning on how to make it less labour-intensive on the day itself. As ever, thinking about us and making our lives easy.

Most of the dry ingredients are things you will have in your house anyway and, around Christmas time, you are more likely to have dried cranberries and Satsumas/Clementines too. So pretty inexpensive to make if you have most things around already. When I made them they filled the house with a lovely Christmassy aroma and I would consider making them again just for this lovely smell, let alone the yummy taste!

So I really recommend you try this one out because they are so simple but also delicious and because they have some fruit in them you can make the “it’s one of my five-a-day” excuse!

Let me know if you try them and what you think.

Happy Baking

Kate 🙂