Keep ’em Going Flapjack

Hi everyone! I do hope you are well and your January is joyfull. Today I have a little recipe for you which may not be deemed the healthiest but, if you are doing some serious exercise this new year then it will help to keep you going!

I decided to make some flapjacks last weekend as my boyfriend’s friend was coming round and they were planning a big bike ride. They both love their cycling and it’s a treat for my boyfriend to be able to go on a long ride with someone else (I only manage about five miles before I either get bored or tried!!) so, I wanted to give them something to keep them going and i thought some flapjack would be good as it’s full of filling oats.

Lots of people like their flapjack in different ways, gooey, crunchy, crumbly or sticky. I’m usually a fan of the sticky, gooey type which is saturated with golden syrup but I thought I might mix it up a bit and try and make it a bit healthier. I’m not sure I necessarily achieved this as I’m no nutritionist but firstly I swapped the golden syrup for honey as I thought it would be better. Actually I just googled it and it seems it is better for you because it’s natural and doesn’t contain refined sugars…good to know I can trust my instincts! I also added some fruit, plenty of chopped apricots and cranberries to add flavour and texture. I popped in some chopped up hazelnuts too, more because nuts are good to fill you up and keep you going!

Basically, I wanted to create something that’s good if you’re wanting to keep yourself going either whilst doing sport or just having a long day! I suspect that children will love these too and a little square might be good for a snack at school. So, I’ve rambled enough I think, time to share the recipe with you!

You Will Need:

400g Oats
200g Unsalted Butter
150g Honey
200g Light Muscavado Sugar
150g Apricots
100g Cranberries
A Handful of Hazelnuts
Some Demerara Sugar
A Baking tin or Pyrex (whatever is on hand really!)

What To Do:

First things first, put the butter, honey and sugar into a saucepan and melt it all together until its all amalgamated. You can then put this to one side for a moment. Next, you need to chop up your apricots. I kept mine quite chunky as I think it’s nice to bite into a nice big squidgy bit of apricot but it’s completely up to you how big or small you go! The cranberries I had were already halved and I used them like that – I think halved or whole is fine here, they aren’t very big.

Next you need to chop up the hazelnuts. You want them to be roasted and you can buy them already roasted and even chopped too if you can’t be bothered yourself. If you’re feeling a bit more hands on then you can roast them yourself – simply pop them in the oven at 180 for ten or fifteen minutes until they are golden (they also smell divine) you can do a big batch and keep them in a Tupperware or sealed bag ready for other recipes. If they have skins on then, whilst they are still warm, wrap them in a tea towel and rub them and the skins will come right off!

I didn’t weigh the hazelnuts, I jus took around a handful and you can use more or less depending on how much you like hazelnuts but remember that too much will make the flapjack too dry. If yours are whole then just pop them in a blender and whizz them up as fine or chunky as you like – I went quite fine.

Mix the fruit and nuts in with the oats in a big bowl. Pour over the butter, sugar and honey mixture and stir it all together well. Once its all well combined then pour it into a tin lined with baking paper and press down so it’s all quite compacted together. The tin size isn’t that important…I used a rectangular one and made the flapjack quite thick but you could spread it more thinly and even use a round tin. I then sprinkled demerera sugar over it to make a nice crunchy topping. This is optional but I’d recommend it!

Pop the flapjack in the oven at 180C for around twenty minutes, or until it’s nice and golden and firm (If you’ve made a thinner layer of mixture then maybe a bit less time in the oven). Leave it to cool in the tin and then you can turn it out and cut it up into squares however big or small you like. It’s quite a crumbly flapjack so if you’re looking for a mess free snack then dont pick this one!

The boys seemed to love this as a little snack on their bike ride and I think it’s pretty yummy too (especially with a cuppa watching telly whilst they were cycling)! I hope you try it out and let me know if you do. Remember, lots of different dried fruit and nut combination are possible here if you don’t like the ones I’ve used.

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Happy Baking 🙂