Interview with Britt Whyatt from She Who Bakes

Hello Everyone and welcome to another interview with another fabulous baker!

Recently I have had the pleasure of virtually meeting Britt Whyatt, the lady behind the marvellous She Who Bakes blog. We first met on twitter and I really admired her blog which is just great and if you want to have a look before you learn a bit more about Britt herself then here is where you need to go .

Britt has been blogging on and off for most of her life but “decided to start a proper baking blog this time last year.” I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty good for a year old blog! I asked her why she started a blog and she was very honest; “Self indulgence I think. Haha. I enjoyed trying new things in the kitchen and making recipes and I wanted somewhere to note it all down.” Clearly this lady didn’t realise how good she is as she told me she didn’t think anyone would read it. Perhaps this has helped though; there are so many blogs out there who seem to be very self-conscious and shy away from being themselves in the hope that it will boost readers. Not a great idea in my opinion.

So the natural question to ask next was why a baking blog? “It’s a deep passion of mine. I like to try out with flavours and make up new things.”Britt has actually only been baking and cake decorating for four years but she certainly must have a natural flair as not only does she write her blog but she also has her very only cake decorating business. Quite a success for such a short period of time! Having a business run from home helps Britt keep up with her blog as she’s “always in the kitchen or on the laptop!” Her business offers “yummy cakes, cupcakes and cookies beautifully decorated to suit any occasion and budget! I also offer a stack of recipes, tutorials and how tos!”

Britt officially took the leap to create her own business last October. Before that she was a sugar craft tutor for another company but she wanted to go out and make a name for herself. A brave decision that seems to have paid off well for Britt. She posts pictures of all her creations on her blog, so you can look at all her wonderful cakes whether she is sharing the recipe or not and get an idea of what this brilliant baker does if you are thinking of asking her to work for you.

I love hearing stories of how people come to baking as many of them are so different and it’s always interesting finding out how someone found their passion. So, here is how Britt came to it: “I had never baked a cake up until five years ago actually! I wasn’t very well and was in hospital for a while. I then got signed off work and was very bored sitting at home. I made a cake and decorated it for a friend’s playgroup for Children in Need. Looking back, it’s shocking! But I was so so proud of it, I had done that! I knew then that I wanted to keep doing it, everyday!” So there’s some proof that great things can come from not-so-great situations.

Britt would like to think that her blog might inspire people to bake as she has been inspired by other baking blogs herself. In fact, she told me this is what she thinks is the main aim of her blog. So it may have started out of self-indulgence but it has certainly become a giving and sharing outlet to help others in the baking world. She says “It makes me so happy to think there are people out there using MY recipes!” Britt loves nothing more that receiving emails and pictures from people who have tried out her recipes and urges you all to get involved and let her know how your bakes have gone. As a baking blogger myself, I can agree with her here – someone letting you know that they have tried your own recipe with success is a really great feeling. Blogging is often aimed at creating little communities and you shouldn’t underestimate the value your feedback has.


She Who Bakes is advancing in its success and has been noticed by Sainsbury’s “I am on their official food blogger list so I am very fortunate to be invited to fabulous things in London and I get to try new products before they hit the shelves.” I think it’s clear to see why they would pick Britt to test their products with her fabulous blogging and baking and I have to say I think that people will trust her opinion as she is clearly a kind and honest person.

Britt’s blog is scattered with posts promoting good causes and she supports them by letting us know about them and, of course, baking for them. This sets her apart slightly and she admits that it is more of a diary” for her rather than just a blog. Britt has come through difficult times to where she is now and it is clear that she is a real fighter. Her success is proof to anyone that no matter how big or small your venture is, you can achieve it if you set your mind to it. As I said in my last interview, I feel it is really important to support people in their passions by using small businesses as often as we can. If Britt is local to you, why not ask her to make your child their dream birthday cake, rather than just buy one all their friends will have seen before from the supermarket? It will make your child’s day and, chances are, it might make hers too!

I asked Britt for her best advice for both blogging and baking. She suggests that if you are thinking of starting a baking blog then you should just go for it: In the words of a famous soft drink, what’s the worst that could happen? Like I said, I never expected anyone to read mine, it was purely a self indulgence! But the internet is a big place, and if it makes you feel good in the process, it has to be an awesome thing in my book.” So stop thinking and start typing! As for her baking tip, Britt says that, to avoid peaks when baking your cakes you should turn the oven down ten degrees and leave the cake in for fifteen minutes longer. A great tip – I’ve tried it out since she told me and it works! Really handy if you are planning to use fondant icing and you’re not very good at levelling cakes (like me).

So, go ahead and have an explore around Britt’s blog and stay tuned to it if you are a bit of a nerd, she’s promised lots of geeky themed cakes for the near future! Below is a list of ways to get in touch with Britt if you’d like a She Who Bakes cake made especially for you, or if you’d like to share a picture of something you’ve made with one of her recipes as she’d love to see. I’m also adding a list of three of her posts which I think are great and you should definitely take a look at. I wish Britt and She Who Bakes the best of luck in the future as I think she is a lovely woman with a real talent for both baking and blogging and lets get behind her to help her achieve her dreams!

Top Three Posts:

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Get in touch with Britt:
Twitter: @shewhobakes1

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Happy Baking

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