Dippy Biccies full of Love

Hi Everyone!

It’s nearly Valentine’s day…have you remembered to get your special someone that special something? No? Me neither! But that’s fine because I’ve made a glorious valentine’s treat and if you make it too you won’t hear anyone complaining about a lack of presents of flowers. The special treat is in fact biscuits with a strawberry and mascarpone dip. I know what you’re thinking….Dip? For biscuits? Trust me, you’re going to love it and I reckon it’s not only amazing for afternoon tea but also a yummy pudding after your romantic meal.

For the Biscuits
150g Unsalted Butter at room temp
150g Caster Sugar
300g Plain Flour
A Handful of Freeze Dried Strawberries (optional)
1 Egg
1tsp Vanilla Extract

For the Dip
250g Tub of Mascarpone
150g Icing Sugar
150g Strawberries
80g Sugar

You need to get on with the biscuits first as they are going to need to chill before they are cooked. Beat the butter until it is nice and soft and then add the sugar and beat them together until the mix is nice and fluffy.

Beat the egg lightly with the vanilla extract and add this, beating until it’s all combined. It’s possible that the mix will look a bit like scrambled egg right now but that is no problem – it will right itself after you add the flour.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to do…add that flour, along with the freeze dried strawberries if you’re using them (I did) and beat until it has all come together to a dough (if you’re mixing by hand you might need a rest half way through!)


Split the dough into two and wrap each bit in cling film. You then need to pop this in the fridge for about an hour to firm up a bit.

“But what will I do in that hour?” I hear you cry. Well, this is the perfect time to make your dip!Chop up your strawberries a bit and bung them in a food processor. Whizz them up until the are liquid.

Transfer the ruby red liquid into a little saucepan and add the sugar. Heat this through until the sugar has dissolved and let it bubble up a little.

Now, find yourself a very fine sieve and push the sauce through with a wooden spoon into a bowl underneath. This is just to get rid of any lumps and the little seeds that reside on the outside of strawberries. It probably won’t get rid of them all but it will help make it a bit smoother.

Pour the sieved sauce back into the saucepan and simmer for a few minutes until I has reduced a little and become a bit thicker. (This took me about four or five minutes.) Then switch of the heat a leave it to cool.

Now for the mascarpone. Seeing as it’s actually cheese I like to sweeten mine to make it more palatable in a sweet context. So, the amount of icing sugar is a bit of a guide really…add more or less depending on how sweet you like it. Anyway, what you need to do is beat the mascarpone a bit first to loosen it up.

Then, add the icing sugar and beat that in (slowly to start with obviously – a lesson I never learn!) That’s it really – just taste to check that it’s sweet enough for you and if so, you’re done.

This may not have taken you an hour so, pre-heat the oven to 180C, have a cuppa and relax for a minute (or search your messy cupboards/drawers for the right cutter if you’re anything like me!)
After an hour, take your dough out of the fridge, unwrap it and place it on a well floured surface.

Roll the dough out to a little thinner than a pound coin. It’s quite nice to dip a thinner biscuit rather than something very thick.

Now, take whatever cutter you fancy – I used heart shapes seeing as it’s for Valentine’s day – and cut out your biscuits. Bring the left over dough together and re-roll and cut until you’ve used it all up.


Place your biscuits on lined baking trays and pop them back in the fridge for another five minutes or so. This last little chill will help them keep the shape you’ve cut them into. Once they’ve got chilly again, put them in the preheated oven for about ten minutes (You will need to do them in a few batches). The bigger shape you’ve cut them into the longer they will take to cook. You are looking for the biscuits to be Golden with a darker edge and pretty firm. When they are done, take them out to cool – no wire racks needed here really…I just leave them on the counter and they are fine.

So, we are nearly there, we just need to add the strawberry to the mascarpone whilst the biscuits are cooling. This is really simple – just pour the strawberry sauce into the mascarpone and mix it up until it is evenly spread throughout.

Now all you need to do is transfer your delicious dip into a pretty bowl and present your cooled biscuits on a pretty plate ready to share with your loved one. I’ve made mine an extra fruity experience here with some fruit tea.

It’s a simple idea but I think it’s really effective. I really enjoyed dunking my biscuits and scooping up little clouds of dip. The soft sweetness of the dip with the crunchiness of the biscuit is just delightful! I do hope you try it and please let me know if you do. I think these would also be perfect for lots of other occasions such as a baby shower or afternoon tea with your friends. Sharing the dip is nice but you could also put it into smaller individual containers so everyone can have their own. This recipe, with my particular cutter, made over thirty biscuits so there are plenty to go around!

Again, let me know if you try this out and I would love to see pictures! Have a fabulous valentine’s day, whether you’re partnered up or not, I hope you enjoy the day in some special way.

Happy Baking

Kate 🙂