Simple Puff Pastry Ideas Part 1


I hope you are all well this week and the weather we have been having lately hasn’t affected you too badly and if it has, I do hope things get sorted for you soon. Today I thought I’d share a really simple idea with you. I call it an because it isn’t even complex enough to call a recipe really. This is going to be in two instalments – today it’s savoury and the next one will be sweet!

Pastry is a really great vessel for both savoury and sweet treats. It’s quite simple to make normal, short crust pastry but puff pastry is much more time consuming to make. So, for this post I’m using a shop bought packet of the stuff. Some may call this cheating but when you see chefs such as Michel Roux Jnr on the TV saying that, when at home, they don’t bother to make their own, you can feel less guilty about it (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!) I think it’s a great idea to have some sitting in your freezer at all times – it freezes really well, defrosts quite quickly and will always be there for when you can’t be bothered to bake or cook something elaborate for dinner. That’s exactly what I’m giving you here; an idea for a simple lunch or supper plus – in the next post –  a couple of desert-y treat-y type things too! Savoury and sweet!


A Packet of Shop-Bought Puff Pastry
Half a Red Pepper
Half a Red Onion
A Quarter of a Fennel Bulb
Tomato Puree
A Little Cheese (I used cheddar)

Savoury Tart:
Cut of about a third of your puff pastry block and roll it out until you have a rectangle a bit thinner than a pound coin.

Spread a thin layer of the tomato puree over the pastry leaving about an inch around the edge.

Grate a little cheese over the puree – if you are using a cheese like mozzarella then you can rip off little lumps over the base.

Next, chop your veg into quite small/thin pieces – no need to be too precise here but if you keep it all quite small it will definitely cook in time along with the pastry. I’ve suggested, onion, pepper and fennel here which is a nice mix but you can use whatever mix of veg you fancy, or have in your fridge. Pop these on top of the puree, making sure there’s an even amount of each  everywhere.

Grate a little more cheese on top and season with salt and pepper.

Now all you need to do is pop it into a preheated oven at 200C and bake for about 15-20mins (until the pastry edges have risen well and are golden) and it’s ready to eat. You can enjoy this lovely tart hot or cold and its lovely with a bit of salad on the side and cold meats for lunch or dinner. You could also make smaller, individual tarts if you wanted to.

Now, what could be simpler than that?! An easy but very tasty lunch or dinner for when you can’t really be bothered and still want something yummy. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post which will be coming soon including sweet recipes to use up the rest of your puff pastry block. I hope you rediscover the lovely thing that is ready made puff pastry, as I have and that you try this simple tart out.

Happy Baking

Kate 🙂