Book Review – The Great British Bake-Off, How to Bake

Hello Everyone! This week has been a busy one so I haven’t had time to write out my lovely recipe for you yet. I promise it will be posted by the end of the week. However, I’m not leaving you with nothing; I’ve decided to review one of my favourite baking books for you.

Do you remember the first series of The Great British Bake-Off? All that time ago? Before baking turned into a great big craze all over Britain? Seems an age ago doesn’t it. The Bake-off was one of the things that inspired me to start baking and by series two I was starting to flex my baking muscles. So, I bought the book that accompanied the second series – This one:

I learnt quite a lot from this book and still use recipes from it often. I believe it’s a great choice for anyone new to baking and also those with a more practised hand.

The book is split into sensible sections which are laid out for you in its contents. Each section/chapter starts with a little introduction. This intro gives you basic rules, tips and tricks for each discipline. This is why I think this book is great if you are trying to teach yourself how to bake but have no idea – it includes little paragraphs on why it’s important to pre-heat your oven and using your ingredients at room temperature.

The recipes range from the super simple to pretty tricky. There is even a little logo on some recipes to let you know that they are good for baking with children. Each section also comes with a technical challenge that was on the show which is presented step-by-step with a picture for each stage. There are also recipes for How “To Make The Perfect….” with a different recipe for each section including Victoria sandwich and white loaf to help you master key recipes. So, in each section you are immediately given a very simple and a rather tricky recipe, making it possible to work your way up!

Some recipes are Marry Berry’s and some are Paul Hollywood’s and most are written by Linda Collister. There are also original recipes which the contestants baked throughout the series which I am guessing were, at least in part, written by them. All of the recipes are well written and easy to follow and most (but not all) of them have pictures to accompany them so you can see what the end result should look like.

This book may be slightly out of date now as there have been subsequent Bake-Off books released, but I really recommend you invest in this one, especially as it will probably be cheaper now! If you are someone who is new to baking or looking to improve from the basics then this is a really great book to buy. It covers the classics and also gives you some more quirky ideas too which will help you advance your skills in both technique and flavour.

I love lots of the recipes in this books but here are my top three:
Quick and Simple Fruit Loaf (It is super quick and super simple!)
Two-Chocolate Zebras (Delightful little striped biscuits)
Mary’s Chocolate Roulade (I LOVE roulade and this recipe is great to learn how to make one)

So, one of my favourite baking books and, if you get it, I’m sure it’ll be one of yours too.

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Happy Baking

Kate 🙂