Product Recomendation – Cutters


[Before I start I want to say that I have NOT been asked, paid or any way endorsed to write this review – I chose to – so you can trust that I’m being honest!]

So, I finally got round to using some new cutters that my Mum kindly gave me for Christmas. I made a belated birthday cake for my Auntie (Auntie Sherry of Profiterole fame) and wanted to used the lovely little flower cutters that Mum got me.

Here is the result:

The cutters are from Lakeland and I’ve used the set of 4 Small Daisy Cutters and the set of 3 Leaf cutters (I made the roses myself). Both lots of cutters are great. You simply roll out your sugarpaste or fondant, press the cutter into it, push you plunger which transfers a pattern, twist and pull the cutter away. You can then use the plunger to eject the icing from the cutter. This is really good because icing naturally sticks to cutters and you often have to end up poking them out with something which leaves a mark – none of that here.

What I like most is the patterns that are printed onto your shapes. The Leaves are beautifully veined in a way that ,personally, I could never achieve by hand, making these perfect for the keen decorator who is not the most artistic of people (me!) The flowers also have their little centre printed on, so unless you want it to be a different colour to the rest of it, there’s no fiddling about trying to get a tiny piece of icing onto the middle of it!

I think just using a couple of different colours of sugarpaste/fondant and all the sizes given can create a really pretty effect on a an iced cake, like the one I did here. Perfect as spring is just around the corner! The leaves would also be perfect sticking out of the side of a bit swirl of icing on a cupcake – perhaps you could give your icing a mint flavouring and add it to a chocolate cupcake.

Long story short, these cutters are really simple to use and create wonderful shapes and effects. I’m really pleased with them and thoroughly recommend them! It’s also worth a mention that the leaf cutters are available at just £2.59 and the Daisy Cutters are only £2.99. Compared to other cutters of this sort this is really cheap – I’ve seen similar sets for upwards of £6 in some shops! So I really recommend these both for price and quality! Good old Lakeland’s done it again!

Happy Decorating

Kate 🙂