Recipe Review – Beetroot Brownies

Hello Everyone!

Today’s recipe review has a bit of a veggie twist. The baking trends have been erring towards combining veg into your sweet treats for a while now and, to be honest, it’s never really appealed to me THAT much. However, in our veg box we kept getting loads of beetroot which I don’t really eat and my boyfriend was struggling to eat it all. So, having seen them around quite a bit we googled recipes for beetroot brownies in an attempt to use some of them up in a tastier way.

The recipe I came across was this one from BBC Good Food:

I’m a real fan of the BBC Good Food website and I often find really good recipes on there from new baking ideas like this one, to doing something different for dinner with meat that we always eat the same way. So, if you haven’t been on there before then I’d recommend you have a look around!

I followed this recipe really closely and was really happy with the results. It’s so quick and simple and makes things super simple by cleverly cutting corners. The beetroot is cooked in the microwave, then the chocolate and butter is melted when you whizz the hot veg up in the blender. Great ways of making your baking life easier that you wouldn’t necessarily think of yourself.

You do neew to fold some of the ingredients in with a little care which takes up slightly more time but, apart from that, this recipe really is so quick and easy.

The only thing I wouldn’t pay attention to is where it says “Cool completely in the tin…” That would be a shame because, let me tell you, these brownies warm with a little bit of double cream make a delightful pudding!! I was worried that they would taste too much like beetroot which isn’t my favourite vegetable (I honestly think it tastes quite a lot like mud!) However, whilst there was a slightly more earthy flavour to these brownies, they were really lovely. Normal chocolate brownies can be quite heavy and sickly but these are a nice, lighter alternative. Whilst still having that slightly dense texture that we all enjoy, they aren’t stodgy or over-sweet (I know, I’m not sure there is such a thing as over-sweet really either!)

So, if you have some extra beetroot lying around or you fancy something a little different but still really yummy then give these a go! The recipe is easy to follow, quick and simple and I don’t really think you can go far wrong with these!

Happy Baking

Kate 🙂