An Extra Nibble

“What’s this?!” I hear you cry. “An extra nibble? Where’s mine?”

Well, I’m not actually talking about food, sorry. Instead I thought I would introduce something new to my little blog here, something a bit different to what I normally post. We all know that there are many many great blogs and websites out there that talk about baking and tempt us with their beautiful photos and amazing recipes. I’m a big believer in sharing and spreading around what you like and so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Each week or so there will be a new “Nibble” within which I will share with you something that has tickled my fancy on the old interweb that week. Sometimes it may be another blog that I enjoy reading, maybe a picture of a cake that’s appeared on my Facebook feed or a recipe that I’ve seen and would like to try. Sometimes it may even be from a book or magazine (shock horror!)

So I thought I’d start off with a blog I really love to read:

A Life of Geekery

Life of Geekery logo

This clean looking, attractive blog is full of great recipes, sharp writing and beautiful pictures. Vicki, who is the author, is a self-confessed Geek and, I have to say, you can kind of tell. Her intelligence comes across in her writing which is easy to read and friendly in style. It’s one of those blogs where you start to feel like you know the person writing it even though you’ve never set eyes on them in real life!

The site is really easy to navigate and I find myself jumping from post to post enjoying the photos, writing and getting inspired by the recipes Vicki has created.

Her recipe posts are littered with fantastically colourful photos and the range of different foods on offer is amazing! Go and have a look at the recipe file and I guarantee you will be drooling in minutes! Here’s a couple to get you going:


Something that has really tempted me from her site recently are some Fruit Roll Ups in a post about a healthy children’s lunchbox. They look great and must be a really healthy snack. I’m definitely going to try them out. Perhaps I will give you a little update in the form of a recipe review when I do.


So, I hope you give this site a look – let me know if you like it too.

If there are any sites you think should feature on this part of the blog, or want me to mention your own site, then please do get in touch!

Happy Browsing

Kate 🙂