Blog Improvements and Recipe Cards Competition

Hello Everyone.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I can make my blog better for you all as readers and what exactly I want it to be for. When I first started it I didn’t really think that anyone would read it but since a few of your lovely people are coming back time and time again I’ve decided that I need to make it better for you all! Hence the new layout to make it easier to find older posts etc. – what do you think? Please do let me know.

One thing I aim to do here, apart from indulging my baking habit, is to simplify baking for everyone so that, even if you have never baked anything before, you can give anything I post on here a go. I taught myself how to bake mostly and little tips and tricks within different recipes always help which is why I write all my recipes out step by step.

However, sometimes we just need a quick recipe we can grab from the shelf that is short, sweet and to the point. Well, thanks to the lovely people at Vistaprint, I have been able to create some Recipe Cards, free of charge! The ones that I made up on their site all use recipes that are already on my blog but somewhat condensed for ease of use!

I was given free range to design my cards using their invitation size cards which I think are the perfect size for something like this as they don’t take up too much work-top space as you’re baking and they save space in the kitchen! The website made it easy to get it all done and have everything aligned and looking nice and I think the end result looks pretty great. What do you think?

I will definitely be looking to Vistaprint to make more little bits and bobs that match up with these, perhaps some little labels for jams and food gifts. Their website really does give endless oportunities!

Now, I want to put these recipes cards to good use rather than just keep them all to myself, so I’m going to run a little competition where you can win some. I’m planning a post based around baking on a budget and I would like your best cheap recipes. Whether that be using things we all already have in our store cupboard or just using generally inexpensive ingredients. If you have an idea please email me on with the recipe (if it’s already on a blog post of your own then feel free to just send me the link to look at) and why you think it’s a great thrifty bake. You can also use the contact form on here too.

The top two will receive a set of five recipe cards each and be featured on the blog post too. Runners up may also make it onto the post too as I’d like to make a nice little collection.

So, get your thinking caps on and email me with your penny pinching patisserie ideas! Also, let me know what you think of the recipe cards – do you like them?

Happy baking and Good luck if you’re entering

Kate 🙂