Thursday Nibble- A look back at “Sweets Made Simple”

Well, telly is a bit good at the moment isn’t it?! The Bake-Off, Extra-Slice, a new Jamie Oliver programme and the recently ended, Sweets Made Simple. It’s the latter that I want to talk about here today. If you didn’t catch it, it was four part series from the people behind Hope and Greenwood sweets i.e. Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood, teaching us how to make some delightful sweet treats. If you did miss it then get yourself over to iPlayer RIGHT NOW! All four episodes are still on there as I write.

One of the best things about this programme is that the title doesn’t lie – they  really do explain everything in a simple and easy to follow way! The idea of making sweets can be quite daunting and I, myself, have been put off recipes when I’ve seen that you have to use a sugar thermometer but Miss hope and Mr Greenwood reassure you at every point to show you that anyone can do it!

Our hosts not only make it simple but wonderfully entertaining. The more you watch them the more you think, I’d really like to make friends with these two and go to cocktails parties with them and eat sweets all day long. They are a little quirky and both quite charming with the easy relationship of a happy husband and wife making them a joy to watch. You really begin to love them as you watch although you do begin to wonder how they aren’t, well, somewhat larger after all the gorgeous sweets they make and scoff on the show!

 All of the recipes are pretty simple but anything that involves a more complex method, again, you are guided through and shown exactly what to do. You can find a full list of recipes from the series here. They also often mention alternatives for certain ingredients whilst they are making recipes which means if you don’t like the taste of something they are using you know you can swap it for one you do like. The ones I think I will try first are the Fruit Leather, Nougat and maybe the Marshmallows – I’ve been wanting to try making them for quite a while now!

There is a book to accompany the series and I will definitely be purchasing that very soon and making sweets all day long! I have dabbled into sweet-making, especially when making Christmas presents for friends and family and I have a feeling that when I but the book nothing will stop me.

The only downside to “Sweets Made Simple” is that it was too short – only four episodes long! I know they say it’s better to be left wanting more but here I do not agree – I could have watched that programme all day long and never got fed up. I do hope they do another series and if there’s not a Christmas special I shall be outraged!!

I urge you to go to BBC iPlayer and catch up if you’ve missed this. Even if you have no intention of making sweets you’ll still enjoy this. Between Miss hope’s bright and stylish clothes, Mr. Greenwood’s curly goatee and all the delicious sweets on offer, this programme is truly a delight for the eyes!

I really enjoyed this and believe that it was a real triumph for both Hope and Greenwood and the BBC. I will let you know what I think of the book when I get it.

How about you? Did you watch it? what was your favourite recipe? What other foodie shows are you loving on Telly right now? I’d love to know.

Happy watching

Kate 🙂