Recipe Review – Passion Fruit Curd


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe review so, when I tried this BBC Good Food recipe for Passion Fruit Curd, I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I wanted to make a curd with Passion Fruit for a layered dessert that I was conjuring up which will hopefully be up on here for you to try soon too. So, to Google I turned and had a search around. I like BBC Good Food recipes, they tend to be quite trustworthy, so I decided to give this one a go.

The first step tells you to whizz the fruit’s pulp in a food processor to separate the seeds. Now, I’d never heard of this before but I will be doing this every time I use Passion Fruit from now on! It worked so well and I would never have thought to do this myself. The recipe suggests you keep some seeds to add back into the curd when it’s done but I’m not sure I see the point of this as I haven’t yet met anyone who really likes them so I skipped this bit myself.

I used six fruits and only got 100ml of pulp which is half the amount needed for this recipe so unless you’ve found particularly big Passion Fruits somewhere then I suggest you maybe buy more than the ingredients list here suggests. I simply halved the recipe which happened to make the perfect amount for what I needed anyway so that worked out quite well!

This recipe offers quite a simple way to make curd as everything goes in the pan at once and you simply whisk and stir. Although the recipe suggests using a whisk until the butter melts and then switching to a wooden spoon, I kept on with the whisk as, in my experience, it keeps the curd a bit lighter which I like.

I had no curdled bits as the recipe suggests you might but if you do get a few, as it says, you can just strain them out and it won’t affect the flavour of your curd. It all came together niceley and, after a while of whisking, it thickened up just right. I did think it a bit silly for it to say to keep on stirring until it has “thickened to a similar consistency as lemon curd.” From my experience Lemon curd is different consistencies depending on how you make it! So my advice here is to keep going until it is a little less thick than your own desired consistency  as it will thicken more as it cools.

The curd had a lovely tangy flavour and was pretty easy to achieve. I would recommend this recipe but if you haven’t made curd ever before then maybe read up some tips or use a more detailed recipe as it may give you more clues as to what should be happening at each stage.

Now excuse me whilst I go and make some more to top the ice cream I have sitting in the freezer!

Happy Baking/Curding!

Kate 🙂