Passion Fruit Layered Desserts

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t been baking a lot recently because of various things getting in the way but I’ve managed a couple of moments to myself in the kitchen and come up with a lovely dessert which I want to share with you. I’ve tested it out on both friends and family and it has been a hit with all – my brother even thought I’d bought it from a shop which I took as a compliment!

Passion Fruit Layered Dessert

This is a pretty easy dessert to master, the only thing that takes any real amount of time is the assembly which I found quite fun. If you’ve got a dinner party coming up I think these are perfect because they can be made the day before which actually improves it as the layers seem to settle together a bit better.

I recently reviewed a passion fruit curd recipe here on the blog and I have used that to make the curd in this recipe to. So, it;s up to you – you can make some using that recipe too, use your own preferred recipe or simply buy a jar from somewhere if you can.

The quantities I’ve given in the ingredients list work perfectly with the small glass jars I had to use which were a bit bigger than a standard yoghurt pot. If you use bigger jars or make more you may find you need more of each.

For Six Small Desserts You Will Need:

Half quantity passion fruit curd from given recipe (about 1 average sized jar)
Around 300ml Double cream
112g Caster Sugar
122g Margarine
122g Self-Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 Large Eggs
Some Dark Chocolate for grating
6 glasses/jars/pots for presentation

If you are making the curd yourself make sure it had been done well in advance so it is completely cool and thickened. The next job is to make the sponge. I used my Victoria sponge recipe but halved it still using two tins to produce soft, crumbly sponges that were nice and thin. To do this, cream together the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.

Margarine and sugar creamed

Margarine and sugar

Add in the flour baking powder and eggs and beat well until the batter is smooth. Spoon this into two sandwich tins and smooth the tops so they are level.

Cake Mixture

Cake batter in tins

Pop these in the oven at 180ºC for around 10 minutes or until they spring back when pushed lightly with your fingers. Turn them out of the tins and leave them to cool on a wire rack.

Cakes cooling

Once your cakes are cold you are ready to start assembly. Using a cutter a similar size to your jar, cut out as many round of the sponge as your have jars and then half again. I did six jars so I cut our nine little circles. Cut three (or your half again quantity) in half so they are even thinner discs of sponge. Tip: if you are using a straight sided glass with thin sides here then you can use the glass itself to cut the round and they will fit perfectly!

Sponge Discs

Put one disc of the thicker sponge in each jar and push it to the bottom. If your jars or glasses are not the same size all the way down (like mine), your sponge may crumble a bit. Don’t worry, you can just remove the extra bits that have come away.

Sponge in jars

Whip your double cream until it is voluminous and silky but not too stiff. Transfer this into a piping bag and cut the tip off (you can use a small plain nozzle here if you like but I didn’t see the need).

whipped cream

cream in piping bag

Pipe the cream on top of the sponge in each jar. I did little blobs around the outside and then filled in the middle as I thought this looked nicer but if you can’t be bothered then don’t worry, it will still look good with just a level line.

Transfer the Curd into another piping bag and cut the tip to make a small opening. Squeeze some curd on top of the cream in each jar and tilt them until it covers the cream and sits level. You want a thickish layer here for both flavour and looks.

Now take the thinner rounds of cake and lay them on top of the curd. Try and get it in straight because if one side goes in first it will get covered in curd and the layer won’t look as distinctive inside the jar.

Then it’s time for the cream again, put in in the same way as last time.

Next, you guessed it, curd again. Still a generous layer but thinner than the last one. Finish them off by grating a fair amount of dark chocolate on top. This looks nice but also tastes really good with the passion fruit too.

Passion fruit layered desserts

So, a simple and tasty dessert to impress your friends. Of course if you don’ t like passion fruit you can use lemon curd or even a different fruit, whichever is your favourite.

passion fruit layered dessert

I hope, as always, that you will give this one a go and if you do, let me know. I think its yummy and it looks good too – you know they always say we eat with our eyes first!

passion fruit layered desserts

Happy Baking

Kate 🙂