Mince Pie Alternative – Mincemeat Muffins

It’s here! It’s December! Advent has begun and now officially no-one is allowed to complain at me for getting a little over-excited about Christmas (although I’m sure they still will)!

This week’s recipe is continuing the theme of alternative mince pies, so If you don’t like the real thing then hopefully you should find something you like here. Last week the Cranberry and Sponge Pies were for those who enjoy pastry but not mince meat and this week, you guessed it, is for those who like mincemeat but not the pastry….mincemeat muffins! Also, these just make a nice change from the regular, something different for the festive season.

mincemeat muffins

You Will Need:

100g Light Brown Muscavado Sugar
75ml Sunflower Oil
2 eggs
50ml Milk
225g Plain Flour
2tsp Baking Powder
1/2tsp Mixed Spice
250g Mincemeat

Whisk together the sugar and oil – it will go a bit weird and lumpy but as long as it has combined that’s fine.

Then whisk your eggs and milk into this mix too. It still doesn’t look at all appetising at this stage but don’t worry about that!

In another bowl, mix the baking powder and mixed spice into the flour and then pop the mincemeat on top of this.

You then want to mix the mincemeat into the flour so that it separates and becomes coated in the flour. This will help the fruit etc. spread evenly throughout your muffins and stop it all sinking to the bottom in lumps.

Then add this mix into your wet ingredients and stir gently together. Only mix it until it is just combined because if you over do it your muffins will be tough. Spoon this evenly into twelve muffin cases and bake in the oven at 180°C for around twenty minutes or until risen, golden and spring back when pressed lightly with your finger.

Pop the muffins on a wire rack to cool down. Once they are cool you can add icing to them too if you like.

Use a tablespoon or two of icing sugar and add water a tiny bit at a time, mixing, until you have a thick but still runny icing. Then drizzle this over the top of your muffins.

mincemeat muffins

That’s it. Easy right? The perfect recipe for this time of year – festive tasting but also super quick to whip up so you won’t have any more stress during this busy time!

mincemeat muffins

Let me know if you give this a go, as always I’d love to know!

Happy Baking

Kate 🙂