Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post to say a big Happy New Year to you all and sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL over the festive period. It’s because I was mostly in a food coma! I hope you all were too.

Thank you to all my readers for supporting me throughout 2014 and for those of you that have chosen to follow this blog and try out my recipes – it means a lot to me.

My resolution is to try and make this blog even better and keep the posts coming more regularly so I can share recipes etc with you all more often! I’m getting more into creating my own recipes and understanding flavours and how it all works. So I plan to teach myself more and share it all with you lot. I’m starting out with these books…perhaps I will even write you some reviews of them too.

In the meantime, enjoy the fresh start of the New Year and thanks again for all your support.

Happy Baking and New Year-ing

Kate 🙂