Interview with Britt Whyatt from She Who Bakes

Hello Everyone and welcome to another interview with another fabulous baker! Recently I have had the pleasure of virtually meeting Britt Whyatt, the lady behind the marvellous She Who Bakes blog. We first… Continue reading

Chewy Chocolate and Horlicks cookies

Hi Everyone. So, lately I’ve been really enjoying baking (and eating) biscuits. There seems to be nothing better than a cup of tea and a sweet biscuit or, in this case, a chewy… Continue reading

Keep ’em Going Flapjack

Hi everyone! I do hope you are well and your January is joyfull. Today I have a little recipe for you which may not be deemed the healthiest but, if you are doing… Continue reading

Recipe Review: Poached Chicken

I know what you’re thinking – a poached chicken? Isn’t poaching for eggs? Well, just hold on – it’s totally worth a try I promise! I know this isn’t baking but I found… Continue reading

Super Simple Chocolate Discs

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating and that your 2014 started off well. January is a time to recover from the festive period in many way,… Continue reading

Après-festivities and a little plea.

Hello and Happy New Year’s Eve. Welcome to the last post of 2013. I do hope you all had a fabulous time over Christmas and also maybe baked lots of goodies! I did… Continue reading

Tips for Christmas Baking – Not Just From Me!

Christmas is just around the corner!! I hope you’re all as excited as me. I know it can all be quite stressful but make sure that, every now and again, this is a… Continue reading

Banana and Oat Muffins

Hello Everyone. So, less than a week to go….have you got all the presents? No? Me neither! Although I’m baking quite a few of mine so that’s my excuse! Today I’m sharing something decidedly NOT… Continue reading

Beautiful Boiled Fruit Cake from Aunty Angie

The other week I received a little surprise parcel through my letter box. Now, I love receiving post that isn’t something boring or expected. I opened it up to find these cute little… Continue reading

Interview with Esther from Deluxury Cupcakes

Welcome to my first interview with a baking business owner. This is something I wanted to add to the blog as I think it’s great to be inspired by people who have taken… Continue reading