Recipes and Cookbooks

Many of us bakers at least start out with a recipe we have found online or from a book and these tend to guide us on our way of learning how to bake new things. The only problem is, you often don’t know how good the recipe is until you’ve actually tried it out. That’s okay when you’re just baking for fun and playing around but what if you wanted to make something new for your friends who are coming round later? Or to take to a dinner party? You’ll have less time to tweak the recipe or start again or even try something new if it turns out to be completely rubbish.

So I thought I could help out here by posting reviews and recommendations of recipes I’ve tried and cookbooks/baking books that I’ve got to help you find some recipes you can trust. Sometimes, even though a book is written by a top chef who can bake amazing things, the recipes still never seem to work out. A great chef or baker does not necessarily write recipes well or ones which are easy to follow.

So look out for posts coming up soon about books and recipes which I can recommend to you and of course if you’d like to share you favourites too please get in touch.

Kate 🙂